How to Manifest Anything in 5 simple Steps

How to Manifest Anything in 5 simple Steps

What does it mean to manifest
Manifest means to Make something Clearly apparent to the sight or understanding

What are desires
To desire is to want strongly or to crave

Our desires are our higher selves attempt
To express itself on the physical plain.
What You want wants You
Why do we have desires
How can we increase our desires
Desire is created when we see something that appeals
To us And we think will make our lives better

In order to manifest what we desire we should take the following 5 simple Steps

1. We should see the desired outcome in our minds eyes and ensure that all five senses are involved.
2. We should view the objection or situation as already done.
3.Give thanks in advance for the appearance of our desired objects or situations
4 We should enjoy the feeling associated with the
Manifestation of this item or condition desired created
5 We should hold on to the vision of our desire because our desires are created from our thoughts
and our beliefs. Disbelief will erase what we have already created.

How can we tell if we are on the right track
We can tell if we are on the right track based on the
Way we feel when we think about the desired item or outcome
The idea is always to feel good about this creation
Or manifestation.

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