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The Universe is Mental

Why do I Say the Universe is Mental ?

This is a very new and different way at looking at the world
around us. This also gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for everything we create in our Lives.

I will let the video below Explain:

Hurt is Never the Intention

Beth and Lee's Blog

When someone hurts another many condemn that person for their actions.  Here’s the thing…when they condemn and judge they are actually harming themselves through their vibration.  It is important to focus on compassion. Think about that person that hurt another.  Know that is not their true self within that is hurting others but their action that is wrong. Begin to understand that their actions are usually because of their own inner conflict and pain. Send them a vibration of good, positive, and healing.  That vibration will help them to heal as well as send out a compassion vibration instead of a judgment vibration.

Compassion my friend.

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